Daylight Savings LLC. of Lexington, MA has been manufacturing high quality, hand-made butterflies and hummingbirds for over 10 years. Our products are crafted with genuine feathers and are not plastic. Our handmade solar powered butterflies and hummingbirds simulate real life flight. For outdoor use, the butterfly shaped solar panels will power your butterfly or hummingbird flight all day long.

Simply assemble, place the solar butterfly or hummingbird in direct sunlight, set the power switch to the icon for sun light, and watch distinctive fluttering flight. For indoors, add a single AA battery, switch the icon to battery and your butterfly or hummingbird will add bright life to your indoor plants, window display, sunroom or balcony. Over the years we have continually updated our solar powered butterflies and hummingbirds with the latest technology bring our customers countless hours of lively decoration and entertainment. We are pleased to bring you are latest series of colorful flying friends.

Now, Daylight Savings brings you our latest line of Serenity Fountains. Don’t let outside noise ruin your serenity! Enjoy and escape with our beautiful indoor/outdoor fountains. These lightweight fountains are hand-crafted from a durable poly/resin, simulating the look of polished granite and are available in multiple sizes. Place a smaller fountain on an indoor table and experience peace and tranquility, even in the middle of a hectic city, or use a larger fountain to accent your foyer or to compliment your outdoor landscape. Countless customers tell us they love the soft glow and gentle sounds, while others rave about their beauty and calming effects.

Whatever your desire, Serenity Fountains are easy to maintain and very energy efficient (running on less than 3.5 watts of electricity) and will provide years of joy.

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